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Seminars are usually on Friday at 14:30 and take place in the IFAE seminar room.
Seminars are organised by Oriol Pujolas (pujolas@ifae.es)

Upcoming Seminars

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Note: [abs] 20-Jun-2014 Max Stahlhofen
(DESY) I found just what I [abs] 06-Jun-2014 Cen Zhang
(U C Louvain) Malam masta, wah kal [abs] 03-Jun-2014 Javi Serra
(Cornell U) That insight solves [abs] 30-May-2014 Gauhar Abbas
(IFIC, Valencia) Your article was exe [abs] 29-May-2014 Jose Eliel Camargo Molina
(Universit├Ąt W├╝rzburg) This is a common tre [abs] 23-May-2014 Amadeo Jimenez Alba
(IFT UAM) Ho ho, who woudla th [abs] 16-May-2014 Enrico Morgante
(U de Geneve) That inhsigt would h [abs] 09-May-2014 Andrea Thamm
(EPFL Lausanne) you didn't mean to d [abs] 08-May-2014 Sandeepan Gupta
(IFAE) fact) as well as tha [abs] 28-Apr-2014 Manel Masip
(Universidad de Granada) the total volume of [abs] 25-Apr-2014 Daniel Stolarski
(CERN) Split SUSY Radiates Flavor [abs] 04-Apr-2014 Anibal Medina
(University of Melbourne) You're right, the fi [abs]

Seminars at the UB


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